BSO Proms at the Castle

owderham has just been notified that the promoter of next weekend’s concerts, Stephen C. & Associates, has gone into liquidation.  See their statement here.  This has forced the promoter to cancel the forthcoming concert weekend booked at Powderham Castle featuring Olly Murs and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra on July 29 and 30, 2017. 

 Any inquiries regarding tickets and refunds should be directed to the provider you purchased from, or directly to the appointed liquidators: Herron Fisher ([email protected]). 

Charlie and AJ Courtenay, the Earl and Countess of Devon, would like to offer a free ticket to their home and gardens at Powderham to all fans impacted by the cancellation of the BSO and Olly Murs concerts on July 29 and 30.  During the rest of the 2017 season, anyone visiting Powderham Castle during opening hours (see with proof of ticket purchase to either cancelled concert (whether refunded or not) will be provided with a complimentary entry to Powderham Castle. 

 Charlie and AJ commented:  “The cancellation of these concerts is a massive disappointment for us and for many of our community, both in Devon and beyond.  We hope that a visit to Powderham will allow those who have missed out on the concerts the opportunity to enjoy a happy day out and learn a little more about our home and its magical stories.

We have worked hard with Olly Murs and his management over the last few days to see if his concert could be re-scheduled, but sadly it has not been possible.  We are pleased that Olly has offered tickets to other shows to those who have not received refunds – and are grateful to him for doing so. (See Olly Murs' statement here) Powderham will continue to host great and varied artists, such as Olly and the BSO, for the benefit of local music fans and we are really grateful for the kind support we’ve received over the last few days.   

 We hope that a visit Powderham will go a small way to making up for the disappointment of these cancellations; we and our wonderful guides look forward to welcoming as many as can take us up on this offer.