Art Gallery

Powderham Castle welcomes visitors into its first ever permanent art gallery!

The gallery is part of Art at Powderham, an art initiative set-up powderham's resident artists Anna FitzGerald and Madalen Dixon. Art at Powderham runs on the principle of 'artists supporting artists' and focuses on artist development and less on commercial goals. Find us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news. 


Artists In Residence

Anna Fitzgerald

Anna is the fine art painter based at Powderham Castle. She is often described as unique and refreshing, both in her work and her personality.


Anna works flamboyantly with a free style and is known for her folklore animals and characterful angels.


Addtionally, Anna has spearheaded numerous events, shows and community projects.


Find her work here!

Madalen Dixon

Madalen is the sculptor based at Powderham. She works 3D from her castle workshop and creates fine art paintings from her home studio. 

Madalen's work combines an award winning background in product design, fashion designm prop making and fine art, to creat bold pieces inspired by nature. 

Find her work here!