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Art Month

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3rd Jun - 28th Jun 2019

Unleash your creativity and imagination throughout June with Art Month.

Discover workshops, talented local artists, demonstrations and more throughout June with this event designed to inspire and spark creativity!

From felting workshops to glitter-themed crafts, there is an array of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Immerse yourself in Anna Fitzgerald's walk-in art book within the Riding School, and learn more about the local artists that create beautiful artwork.

Book Your Workshops Below:

4 June: Rivka Jacobs - Flower Crowns

6 June: Potty Joy - Ceramics

9 June: Sparkly Sonia - Wonder Books

11 June: Rivka Jacobs - Fascinators

18 June: Natasha Smart - Felting Soap

19 June: Sparkly Sonia - Shrine-Making

20 June: Claire Casely - Faeries Workshop

23 June: Rita Pearson - Felt-Making

25 June: Natasha Smart - Nuno Felt Flower Corsage

27 June: Tumi Siwoku - Lipstick Making

28 June: Tumi Siwoku - Lipstick Making

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