BSL Christmas Grotto

17th Dec - 21st Dec 2023

In association with the Deaf Academy

This December, Powderham are working in association with the Deaf Academy to bring our first British Sign Language Grotto to Christmas at the Castle.

Designed for BSL using children as well as their hearing or deaf family members, the BSL grotto promises a magical experience for all.


What do we need to know?

  • £8 per child, including a gift

  • Maximum 5 children per visit

  • Please note, your admission window is a guideline. To ensure waiting times are not increased for other families, please arrive during this window. 

BSL Christmas Grotto FAQ’s

Q - I have both hearing and deaf children. Can we book for the BSL grotto?
A - Yes, of course! Father Christmas will be using solely BSL in the grotto, but his helper will interpret for hearing family members. 


Q - We are not a BSL using family, but we can’t find a suitable slot during the usual open times. Can we still book on? 
A -
The BSL grotto is reserved specifically for BSL using families, with one or more deaf family members. To allow our local deaf children to be a part of the grotto experience, we politely request that non BSL using families do not book for the BSL Christmas Grotto


Q - Our child is deaf, but we are hearing. Will this be suitable for us? 
A - Yes absolutely. An interpreter will be joining you in the grotto, to ensure that no-one in the family is left out. 


Q - Can we visit the Christmas Lights after our grotto slot? 
A - Yes, please do! If you intend to attend the event after your grotto slot, please ensure that you book a Christmas at the Castle admission ticket for all individuals in attendance. 


Q - Is the grotto accessible for wheelchair users? 
A - There will be a ramped entrance into the grotto, suitable for wheelchair users. 


Q - Will there be any additional BSL grotto slots? 
A - If our BSL grotto slots become fully booked we will endeavour to add more, in line with customer demand. 


Q - We are deaf parents to hearing children. Is this suitable for us?
A - This is the choice of each individual family. Father Christmas in the BSL grotto will be exclusively using British Sign Language, non-verbal communication but will be accompanied by a hearing interpreter.


Additional questions

If you have any further questions regarding the BSL Christmas Grotto, please contact us at [email protected]

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