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Devon Art Festival

Devon Art Festival
21st Sep - 22nd Sep 2019

The Devon Art Festival is a celebration of creativity in all its artistic forms.

Devon is the heart of an incredible pool of spectacular artists, from painting and sculpture to ceramics and textiles. Situated with the unbeatable scenery of Dartmoor and the magnificent coast, artists from all over are inspired by Devon.

Set on the grounds of the beautiful Powderham Castle, with its tranquil beauty and vivacious history, this 2 day art festival invites creative minds from across the south west to display their work and get involved with workshops and demonstrations to inspire the public and each other!

This is not like any other art festival; enjoy an incredible parade, interactive workshops led by our talented local artists, live music throughout the festival, and an array of delicious foodie vendors. The Castle and Grounds will be open to visitors to explore and learn more about the stunning artwork displayed within the Castle, so you can experience the contrast of history and contemporary. Immerse yourself in the beautiful grounds of Powderham, with so much on that you can enjoy a full day out at this fantastic art event!

Join Burn the Curtain in a lantern parade around the grounds of Powderham Castle on Saturday evening, together we will celebrate the life and times of Timothy the Tortoise; the smallest, oldest, and bravest of all its residents.

As befits his naval background, Timothy will be 'sailed' around the estate one last time, and the great tales of his exploits will be retold.

Bring warm clothing, walking shoes and help us give Timothy the Tortoise the send off he deserves!

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