Forests and Feasts 

12th Sep - 23rd Sep 2021

Featuring work from over 400 local artists and art groups who joined us for art month, ‘Forests and Feasts’ exhibition is a celebration of Devon’s finest creative minds.  

There will be potters including India Lo, Joy Davis and Exmouth Pottery Group. Painters including Mark Bell, Anna FitzGerald, Madalen Dixon and Clare Jenkinson. Additionally there will be incredible bodypainting work from LaFleur Artistry and powerful pieces from performance artist Nicci Wonnacott.  


The Old Riding School, 12am - 5pm 


The Finale Party is set to be a day to remember with music performances and folk tales. Finale Party: 24th September: 1-3pm 3-5pm 5-7pm. Please email [email protected] to book a place

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