Pilates at Powderham

From: 21st Feb 2023

Relax and enjoy Pilates in this fabulous historic setting Tuesdays 6 & 7pm!

Tuesdays at 6 and 7pm 


Term Dates  

Tuesday 18th April – 23rd May 6pm beginners and 7pm intermediate (The 6 week programme costs £60)


Tuesday 6th June – 18th July – 6 - 8pm (7 weeks) (The 7 week programme costs £70)


To book see website www.pilatesinexeter.co.uk or call 07531 729383 or contact [email protected]  


If joining mid-term just pay for remaining sessions.   


Relax and enjoy Pilates in this fabulous historic setting, with Fiona Swan, Level 3 Pilates instructor and Level 4 specialist in exercise for lower back pain. Pilates is an effective way to improve overall body strength, flexibility, and posture. The controlled movements, that are effective in strengthening weaker areas, combined with the stretching of tight structures, can also be helpful in managing a variety of joint or postural issues. All of Fiona’s classes follow Pilates 'core principles' which encourage precise, flowing, and controlled movements, performed from a stable centre. Exercises may be layered or adapted to meet individual requirements.

If you're looking to;

Improve your core strength and flexibility?

Relieve muscular and joint pain?

Manage a common orthopaedic condition? 

Feel better both mentally and physically?


Try Pilates 


 Leave feeling relaxed and invigorated! 


For details and booking see www.pilatesinexeter.co.uk or call fiona on 07531 729383 or e mail [email protected]



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