Supplier Spotlight: Brooklands Events

22nd April, 2020

What was your first impression of Powderham? 

What a beautiful family home! There's nothing quite like it in Devon. 

What do you enjoy most about working at the castle? 

The endless cups of tea, watching the deer, the general atmosphere and of course... the staff! 

How many times have you got lost so far? 

Hmmmm... Don't think we have ever got lost. 

What is your favourite thing about the castle? 

The endless history. 

If you were designing your own castle, which bits would be inspired by Powderham? 

The secret doors and passages. 

What's been your favourite event at Powderham? 

We have been very lucky at Powderham and enjoyed being part of many events from concerts to food and garden festivals. 

What would you most like to see more of at Powderham? 


What's the best bit about working with Powderham? 

Without a doubt... the family and the staff!! Really friendly!


You can find out more about the services Brooklands Events offer on their website: and we are happy to endorse them for Marquees, Equipment Hire, Site Planning, Site Services.. Well, the list goes on.. 


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