Update Following COVID-19 Guidance

24th March, 2020


Given the clear Government advice on coronavirus (CV19), we will delay our season opening.  Powderham’s visitor attraction will remain closed until further notice and all our concerts and public events through May shall be postponed to comply with guidance to maintain and promote social distancing.

While distressing to delay our 2020 season, we are pragmatic.  Powderham has survived pandemics before and what is important now is to stand alongside our community; by not opening, Powderham is supporting national and local efforts to contain CV19. 

For those who pre-bought visitor tickets, they will be honoured and have no expiry date, and for our season ticket holders, we will ensure extensions are applied; for concerts and events tickets, we direct you to our website. Please get in touch if you have queries, we look forward to welcoming visitors back as soon as we can.

While the gardens and grounds at Powderham must remain closed, we remind local residents of the network of country walks via public and permissive paths. They are a remarkable wellbeing asset, so long as sensibly used.  We will share maps locally for pedestrian visitors.  We discourage all unnecessary travel and cannot provide parking, other than for customers of the Farm Shop.  We wish to thank all of those who have supported the Farm Shop in recent weeks and hope you will continue to do so and take advantage of their local delivery services.

We will provide additional updates as matters develop, and wish everyone well.

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