Victorian Learning Programmes

Children from schools across Devon and Cornwall have been enjoying a taste of Victorian life at Powderham Castle. To date almost 5000 children from 157 schools have transformed themselves into Victorian children and stepped through the doors of the Castle to spend a day on work experience as a member of the household staff - Victorian style!

They come dressed up as Victorian children and have a go at different household tasks with the Housekeeper, such as carpet beating, boot polishing and dusting. They also spend time with the cook, making griddle cakes and finding out where the ingredients come from. All the time they will be learning about the progress we have made today and how tough life was in the Victorian times for most people.

They will make comparisons between lifestyles through interactive sessions and hands-on activities with our Housekeeper and Cook in our Victorian Kitchen and Servants Hall.

The price is £6.50 per child. We are able to run this type of educational visit with a minimum of 30 children (or £175) and a maximum of 52.

For more information and to check a suitable date please contact Naomi Hunt on 01626 890243 or email [email protected]

Victorian Kitchen Project

We are thrilled to have successfully been awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to renovate the Victorian Kitchens and Servants Hall for visitors and school groups.

For the first time, the story of ordinary people who worked in the Earl's household will be told. The household continues to be made up of people like us living in the local area. The project is an opportunity for the people who worked so hard during the Victorian era to receive recognition and to celebrate our shared heritage.

Powderham Castle is a unique and majestic place that encompasses everything from art and history to tourism and agriculture. There are lots of ways in which all types of visitor can learn about the Castle and its environs, it's collections, the people who have lived and worked here and those who maintain it today.

We are very happy to tailor our tours to suit your learning objectives. Please contact us to talk through your requirements.